#Whole30 recipes: The best of.

This post is a result of high demand of recipes. I post a lot of food pics on my instagram (sorry, not sorry?) and I’m always getting requests for links to my favorite recipes. Whether it’s friends intrigued by a yummy food post, or someone starting/thinking about starting Whole30 for the first time… I’ve decided it will be a massive time saving effort in the long run to pull all of my iPhone bookmarks of all MY favorite Whole30 recipes (which is now like 7 scrolls long now), and put them into a post. All neat and tidy, in one spot for reference.

If you talk to me about Whole30 and the recipes I make, I will tell you — I HAVE NEVER MADE ANYTHING I HATED. Almost everything I LOVE and make on a weekly or semi-regular basis.  No joke. No lie.

Among countless other things this program has taught me about myself and my relationship with food, Whole30 has taught me how to really cook well. That is NO pat on the back or props to me…but all to those who created these recipes. I still wouldn’t know how to mix-n-match spices if it weren’t for these brave food pioneers.

So, here goes. In no particular order, except for the order in which they were bookmarked on my phone. Below them, you’ll find a couple other “as-seen-on-instagram” recipes that I concocted myself.

Other “as-seen-on-my-instagram” recipes.

Buffalo Brussels Sprouts
Ok, so this one I give all credit to my friends Andie and Chris… they gave me the directions and inspiration for this one,
— 1 bag of brussels sprouts; chopped in half, cut off stems
— Franks Red Hot (~1/4 cup?)
— Ranch dressing (Primal Kitchen or Tessemae’s) **Optional, but strongly reccomended!)
Directions: Douse the chopped sprouts in Frank’s Red Hot. Mix until lightly covered. Put on shallow baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Bake at 425º for ~20 mins. Serve with ranch. This is not a drill.

Egg/Sausage/Sweet Potato “Wafflette”
— 2 eggs
— 1/4 C. cooked, ground breakfast sausage
— 3/4 C. – 1 C. shredded sweet potatoes (life hack/hint: metal cheese grater.)
Directions: This is really hard, you guys. Pre-heat waffle maker. Whisk the eggs, add in sausage and shredded, uncooked sweet potatoes. Dump it on the waffle maker.

What else?

Have you seen something I’ve posted that may not be listed here? Let me know! Got some favorite Whole30 recipes or life hacks of yours to share? Comment! I’ll plan to add more blogs as I discover new recipes. But for now…Enjoy!


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